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There’s more to Smile Studio than being a family business based on knowledge, experience and state of the art technology. In the same manner there’s more to a patient than the mere dental problem he or she arrives with. Our patients are people with their own wishes, expectations and fears who wish to enjoy their lives with broad smiles on their faces brimming with confidence.

This is why Smile Studio offers more than accumulated knowledge, experience and current technological solutions. Our team also offers our energy, time, thoughts… and our hearts. More…



Send us a query and a panoramic x-ray scan. Based on the query sent and the panoramic x-ray scan of your teeth, we will analyze your current state with regards to your wishes. We will suggest the best possible therapy and compile an offer. Analysis, therapy suggestion and price offer are made free of charge.


If you accept our offer, we can help you organize transportation to and from the airport, as well as book your accommodation. For the patients that require a more complex therapy the accommodation is free of charge. You may require more detailed information from the Smile Studio contact person.

After the therapy in the Smile Studio you will be ready to show your new smile to the world, to both your and our satisfaction.

Are you missing any of your permanent teeth?

Most recent technological achievements enable us to replace all of your missing teeth by using permanent crowns and bridges made of most suited materials that will not differ from healthy natural teeth, neither in appearance, functionality nor the sensation they provide. Prosthetics can be attached to the existing teeth or to a dental implant which can be placed by our expert oral surgeons through a short and painless procedure. Implants that are used for replacing all teeth (up to 4 on the upper and lower jaw) together with a temporary bridge can be placed in only one day, which allows you to have your teeth immediately. More…

Your teeth are healthy, but you’re ashamed of your smile?

A perfect smile and the confidence it brings can provide a significant advantage in professional and personal endeavors. However, if you’re not one of the lucky ones that inherited beautiful, straight and white teeth, that doesn’t mean you should give up on your pursuit of a perfect smile. Modern esthetic dentistry offers various possibilities; placing veneers or teeth whitening are quick, painless and affordable procedures provided by the Smile Studio. In our studio you can also replace your old amalgam fillings with new composite ones and in that way not only ‘fix’ your smile but your health as well. More…


Do you have crooked or crowded teeth?

Crooked and crowded teeth are often not just an esthetic issue but also a functional one, since a balanced bite lowers the risk of many dental issues and ailments. At the Smile Studio you can get a complete orthodontic diagnosis and therapy including initial appointments and follow up appointments for children, as well as attached orthodontic appliance (braces) therapy for adolescent and adult patients. More…

Are you confident that your gums are health?

Our most important goal is the maximum protection and preservation of our patient’s natural teeth. For this reason, our team of doctors is ready to do everything in their power: from dental scaling, root planning and preventive dental care to complex surgeries and periodontitis treatments. Don’t forget that the health of your teeth, gums and bones is a condition for successful implant and prosthetic treatments. More…

Are you tired due to disturbed sleep?

In addition to making you tired and cranky, long term sleeping disturbances can also be harmful to your health. Small and practical, Silensor oral appliance can be custom made in just one day and it will permanently resolve your snoring and apnea (breathing termination that causes sleep disturbance) problems. This way you will also insure your partner’s sleep quality and comfort. More…

I moved to Croatia 10 years ago and I must say I taught finding a good dentist would be a mission. Luckily, afer one visit, Smile Studio inspire a lot of confidence with highy professional approach. Overall an experience worth recommending.
Keith Smithies
Great Britain

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